Trani stone: the unmistakable charm of Masseria

Trani stone: the unmistakable charm of Masseria

Trani stone: the unmistakable charm of Masseria 1200 800 Krei

The Trani Stone is a limestone rock that extends in the subsoil of the north-west of the Bari area until it touches the tips of the Gargano promontory and the Murge plateau.

It is one of the most versatile and appreciated marble which is characterized by its colour variations that go from ivory white to earthy yellow, presenting some fossil remains. Its crystals can be visible within the rock composition.

Used for the realization of some of the monumental Apulian works of art and architecture, including the most famous Cathedral of Trani, the Trani stone is at the same time highly appreciated today in the architectural projects of Masseria of extreme luxury and beauty.

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Main features of the Trani stone

The main features of this type of stone are: wear resistance and tear and extreme durability combined with a remarkable aesthetic impact. These qualities make it one of the privileged materials for internal and external floors, internal and external cladding, internal and external stairs, thresholds, ravelins, fireplaces, and sacred art. Every single piece produced by nature can in fact give the living space expressiveness and strength, considering that the extreme materiality of the stone with its veins is the reason for its charm, “marked” by the passing of time together with the house and its inhabitants. Thanks to particular finishes, the Trani stone recalls the charm of the ancient floors typical of farmhouses and historic residences.

Among the various type of Trani stone, depending on the extraction, tonality and specific characteristics, there are:

  • Biancone: it is famous for its extremely light shades
  • Serpeggiante: it is characterized by long sinuous veins that run through the slab
  • Bronzetto: it has a light beige colour with a few shaded veins
  • Filetto Rosso: it is recognizable by the red/orange veins

Ancient marble that is as contemporary as ever is used successfully by architects and interior designers for high value creations, both structural and decorative and aesthetic. Not only does it give an authentic charm to indoor environments, but it also redefines the outdoors. Highly appreciated for its waterproof and non-slip characteristics, the Trani stone can be used optimally for gardens and swimming pools. En plein air, stone and sky dialogue, with the stone recovering and bringing new charm to the authentic beauty of Apulian nature.
Between past and future, the Trani stone is also highly appreciated for the creation of furnishing accessories with its delicate, neutral and homogeneous tones.

Krei supports its customers in the different and multiple phases of research and processing of the Trani stone: selection, cutting, finishing, technical support and installation of the material, suggesting different interpretations of natural stone inspired by new design trends.

Among the architectural projects to whom we have collaborated, where the Trani stone is protagonist, we mention:

Villa Can Azul in Ibiza where architecture and nature have never been so in harmony.

Can Azul, Ibiza

Krei’s support for the restoration signed by the architect Cristiana Izzi was expressed in the research and supply of materials for the exterior as well as in the creation of internal floors and coverings. With the desire to make the landscape interact, natural stone was used in all the external areas, specifically the Trani Stone worked in different sizes and finishes, obtaining a Roman Opus: a particular texture that requires the aggregation of four different formats.

A luxury residence in Sardinia overlooking the Gulf of Marinella

An exclusive residence overlooking the sea in one of the most beautiful corners of the whole island. A project by the Westway architecture studio in Rome with which we had the pleasure of collaborating in the creation and supply of outdoor stone: specifically the Trani Stone and the recycled stone. Totally custom-made, every single piece was first chosen, selected and cut in different sizes so as to then be used in the numerous rooms of the villa.

These are some of our proposals regarding architectural projects with the Trani stone, do not hesitate to contact us for project support and customized advice.

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