Greenhouse: a tailor-made project from design to furniture

Greenhouse: a tailor-made project from design to furniture

Greenhouse: a tailor-made project from design to furniture 1151 790 Krei

Studio Sap, in collaboration with Krei presents the Stella greenhouse entirely tailor-made from design to furniture.

The new architecture and design project signed by the architect Clara Sapori of Studio Sap, in collaboration with Krei: Stella, a Greenhouse entirely tailor-made from design to furniture, an exclusive living space in quality materials, a precious, unique and entirely custom handcrafted work capable of enriching the home with new innovative and unusual, but extremely fascinating and evocative environments.

The immense value of a manufacture that has written the history of architecture is combined with contemporary design.

Historical views of the Winter Garden

The Winter Garden of the 18th and 19th century books are a sort of sacred casket dedicated to the conservation (hence the name conservatory) of the rarest species of flowers and plants: a natural Eden made by master craftsmen in iron and glass, materials produced according to the innovative techniques of the industry of the time. The best Italian examples belong to the second half of the 19th century, and were destined to enrich the texts of the history of architecture: the Carolina greenhouse of the Palermo Botanical Garden, the Tepidarium in the Horticultural Garden of Florence, the Palazzo Corsini greenhouse in Rome, the Pollone greenhouse in Biella, the greenhouses of the Botanical garden of Rome, the Villa Giulia greenhouse in Naples.
Eden, which human being has been trying to recreate for centuries, now appears ever closer.

As early as the 19th century, the Greenhouses rapidly became real living rooms, where you could offer tea and show off your collection of often exotic and unusual plants.

The desire to create all-round living spaces stems from Sap Studio: a studio where you can draw inspiration, a living room, a suggestive bedroom under the stars, a bright kitchen, a pool house with Jacuzzi.

Customized greenhouses: details between design and furniture

The Greenhouses are constructions in certified, self-supporting tubular iron to be positioned in gardens, courtyards or terraces, but they can also be placed against the wall of the main building. The infill walls can be made of Visarm glass plates or of the latest generation polycarbonate sheets.
To all intents and purposes it is a room created from scratch in multiple dimensions, with a square, rectangular or polygonal plan; the roofs can be simple with single or double pitch, transparent or darkened and with skylights.

The Orangeries can have a painting that follows the universal Ral table, with the classic brush or powder method. The first solution is the best. It will gradually reveal traces of time, giving the place a lived-in look. For the low end of the structure, a 10-12 tenths iron sheet boiserie is made which gives it stability, and which has a moulding and a decoration, usually with a central rose or customized on customer request; for example, a family crest or the logo for farmhouses and restaurants. The use of shading systems is wise because it makes the structure comfortable on sunny days and, at the same time, envelops this building in a magical atmosphere that redesigns and enhances green spaces and large terraces.

Design a greenhouse: the style from design to furniture

As it is completely custom-made, the design studio and the customer define the style of realization of the greenhouse. Being by its nature a hybrid space halfway between inside and outside, design like furniture is never solely classic or contemporary; rather it is necessary to mix. Surely a reference to the classic taste allows you to create the right context, making the greenhouse a suggestive environment, the fulcrum of the house or restaurant, where guests have the pleasure of retiring enjoying the feeling of well-being given by the mix of nature and sunlight. Even be photographed for a selfie.

The Stella greenhouse: the new project of Studio Sap and Krei between design and furniture

During design, a special attention is dedicated to the choice of flooring and furnishings.
Krei has long been a partner of numerous architectural studios, planners and designers, offering support in the selection of natural materials, such as handmade terracotta, continuous surfaces, marble and mosaic.
In case of a greenhouse, you can opt for a dry floor (which goes beyond the requirement for municipal permits) therefore to be understood as removable, made using dry stones, terracotta, as well as slabs of the Trani Stone or wonderful slabs of basaltina.

The continuous surface can be an excellent option, as it has no escape routes, and gives a more contemporary twist to an environment which by its nature has a romantic and vaguely vintage character.

The marble, is a precious natural material that fits well into the naturalistic context of an external garden, interacting with the architecture of the greenhouse. Modern and extremely refined style, Dover White marble characterizes the Fluctus table with a marble base and hand-crafted brass decorations with a strong aesthetic impact.

The choice of flooring is in line with the style of the furniture in a mix of classic interiors and design elements.

The UNIQUE furnishing accessories offer objects made fascinating by the characteristic shiny black surface of the Bucchero. The black terracotta of Etruscans is produced in a reducing atmosphere, i.e. without oxygen, thanks to a magical technique that brings together tradition and experimentation, shaping vases with a unique character such as Oblivion, Alcara, Caligo.

Studio Sap follows and supports their customer in all the phases of realization in order to offer structures in full harmony with the context and with the environment, and to re-propose an object from another era with a design suitable for contemporary daily needs and functions.
Unique works, prestigious creations that Studio Sap takes care of in detail to guarantee the pleasure of a product that can be defined as artistic.

Dreams come true: each structure can be unique and unrepeatable as it becomes the mirror of the personality of those who live there.

Contact us to discover all the prestigious realisations in full harmony with the context and the environment.

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